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Final Draft Healthcare Solutions, PLLC is a nurse-led consulting firm that was started to promote health and wellness in humanity.

Our purpose is to help make the world a healthier place and nursing is at the heart of everything we do.

We specialize in helping healthcare professionals achieve business goals and make a bigger impact through 1:1 consulting services, resources, and community.

Seeing your business thrive is our #1 priority.

We use an innovative approach to align your day-to-day operations with your long-term goals so you can bring your vision to life.

We believe that if we work together, we can revolutionize the future of healthcare and improve health and wellness for all.

Let us help you bring your vision to life so we can transform healthcare together.

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Our Vision

A healthcare system that values all people and promotes health and wellness.

Our Mission

To promote innovation in health and wellness.

Our Core Values



We strive to provide the highest level of service possible to meet the expectations of our clients and provide a quality work experience for our team.



We strive to operate with complete transparency and integrity. We believe honest business practices build a foundation of trust and motivates everyone to help drive healthcare forward.



We strive to perform with excellence and proficiency in our roles. We believe our professional knowledge, skills, judgment, and attention to detail can positively influence those we serve.



We strive to promote innovation in healthcare. We believe designing innovative strategies for our clients is the best way to help them prepare for success in the future.

Who's behind Final Draft Healthcare Solutions?


Meet Savannah...

"Born into a family of entrepreneurs, I’ve been studying business since I started working for my dad’s trucking company at the age of 13. I always knew I wanted to be a business owner, but I didn’t know exactly what type of businesses I would start until later.

I was drawn to healthcare because I found joy in helping people and I decided to become a nurse with the intention of eventually starting a business in healthcare.

I built my nursing career in public health where I served on countless committees and boards so I could learn more about the business side of healthcare.

My work in public health honed my skills in case management, strategic planning, policy development, process improvement, workflow, and more.

I went to graduate school while I worked in public health to get my masters degree in nursing administration, which is basically a business degree for nurses.

I learned about consulting in one of my favorite classes in graduate school during a time when the organization where I was working experienced a crisis that led to hiring a bunch of consultants to fix the problem.

It was then that I realized I had been unofficially consulting for a long time and I genuinely enjoyed this type of work and at that point I knew I wanted to start a healthcare consulting business.

I spent the next few years reading all the literature I could find about consulting, researching the needs I could potentially fill, learning more about business, and testing out my ideas. I completed training programs in the areas of business I needed to improve on (I sucked at marketing). And I worked with several mentors and coaches to help me identify gaps I needed to fill to build the business of my dreams.

I experienced every challenge and obstacle you could imagine while building my business. From the pandemic starting shortly after I started the business to unexpected life changes, building a successful business sometimes felt impossible.

I had to make sacrifices I never imagined and risk it all to pursue my vision.

My experiences helped me gain clarity and confidence and prepared me to help healthcare professionals overcome the barriers of business building and solve business problems.

As a detail-oriented, big-picture problem solver with over a decade of experience in the healthcare field, I understand exactly how to navigate your business growth. 

I will help you understand what your business is missing and what you need to move forward, develop a strategic plan to help you reach your business goals, and coach you through implementing your business strategy so you can fulfill your big vision. 

My analytical and results-oriented approach has allowed me to make a difference, not only in my own business, but for my clients as well. 

I thrive on setting and achieving goals and serving my clients. Implementing processes that support business growth is both personally and professionally rewarding to me.

My top strengths are analytical, maximizer, achiever, responsibility, and self-assurance.

If you have any questions about how I can help you with your business or if you’re ready to start working on your business today, click the link below to schedule a free consultation."

Savannah Anderson, MSN, RN, Owner & Principal Consultant

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Our Pillars



We help healthcare business leaders develop and implement strategic plans to reach their business goals.


We promote innovation in healthcare and develop strategies that support progress in healthcare by incorporating innovative practices into the day-to-day operations of healthcare businesses.

Health and Wellness Promotion

Ultimately, we desire to promote health and wellness and prevent illness for everyone; therefore, everything we do supports wellness in the healthcare workforce and health care consumers.


We understand that in order to effectively guide the leaders we serve we must first effectively lead ourselves and our own communities, so we are devoted to continuous leadership development and are constantly learning and growing.

"Final Draft Healthcare Solutions provided amazing guidance and helped A Giving Heart Project with the strategic planning of our TIPPPS program. Thanks to Savannah's work we were able to develop and successfully pilot our TIPPPS program and it was a success! Savannah provided insight and experience that enabled A Giving Heart Project, through an innovative and multifaceted approach, to engage youth in our community to promote preventive health practices. Savannah dedicated countless hours to our organization and was an invaluable resource." 

- Glennis D., MSN, RN

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